Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank You Greenhill School and Hockaday School!! And.... EVERYONE is Invited to Celebrate Richard III this Spring 2014 at The Oakridge School's Richard III Paper Colloquium!!!

To Everyone Involved with the R3 Blog Project:
Thank you so much for your insights, ideas, and contributions to our collaborative engagement with Shakespeare’s classic History play. I know, here at The Oakridge School, we thought more critically, creatively, and divergently about the text because of the dialogue made possible by the contributions from The Greenhill School and The Hockaday School. So thank you for helping make our study more meaningful and simply more fun!

Jared Colley
The Oakridge School

And now…

An Official Invitation to All Schools:
We invite all students now to submit papers on Richard III for the 2014 Richard III Paper Colloquium to be hosted at The Oakridge School on March 21, 2014. Remember, all submissions must be submitted no later than January 10, 2014, and papers should be sent to Jared Colley, English Chair of The Oakridge School, at one the following email addresses: jcolley@theoakridgeschool.org or r3.conference@gmail.com. More detailed instructions for submission, as well as information on specific paper prompt suggestions, can be found here. (Again, prompts should be seen as suggestions and nothing more…)
Mr. Garza of Greenhill School at Dubliners 2013
Last year, we hosted a similar event on James Joyce’s collection, Dubliners. If you did not attend but would like to get a feel for last year’s ceremonies, watch the trailer for the colloquium here.
Also, please note that the call of papers announces an opportunity for theatre students to submit proposals for staging/directing/acting certain selected scenes from Shakespeare’s play. We plan on hosting at least one theatre professor from the local community to work with students in acting/directing workshops as well.

Landry Levine, Class of 2013, The Oakridge School,
presents at the 2013 Dubliners Paper Colloquium
Most likely the colloquium's activities will last most of the conventional school day, and in addition to having students present in multiple breakout sessions, we plan to have a special keynote speaker – most likely a local expert in Shakespearean and/or Ricardian studies.

Remember, papers are due January 10, 2014. There will be a committee of evaluators comprised of faculty and administrators from at least eight schools from the Houston and Metroplex areas, and all submissions will be read with names of schools and students blinded to ensure complete fairness. Students that are accepted to present will be notified sometime in mid-February 2014.

We look forward to reading your papers and we can’t wait to see you this spring at the 2014 Richard III Paper Colloquium.

Happy Writing!!